We build things. Things like a social media monitoring service, a fantasy football game, sales support systems, websites, apps for Android and iOs. If you can describe it, we can build it.
Mr Person

Fredrik Behrentz


CEO of PatchOne AB. Leader of innovative solutions for new and existing customers.

Mr Person

Magnus Elmehav


Investigating the depths of social media. CEO of Patch6 AB where social media monitoring is in focus.

Mr Person

Sebastian Möser


Master of all interfaces. Bringing the bits and bytes of our everyday work in to life in front of your eyes.

What we are proud of...

PatchOne AB was founded in 2006, since then we have delivered development to a wide range of projects. We have built a lot of things during the years and we are especially proud of Silverbakk Briefing Room, a social media monitoring service which we have been a part of since the start in 2008.

More recently we have also been a part of the team which built FSportkanalen, a fantasy manager game for the swedish footbal leauge Allsvenskan, SHL, the Swedish Hockey League and the UEFA Euro 2016.

Where to find us

Please reach out to us and see if there is anything we can do to help you. Most of the time we can be physically located to our office: PatchOne AB, Järnvägsgatan 9, SE-252 24 Helsingborg, Sweden.

If that is too far away from you, drop us an email at info@patchone.se.